It has recently come to our attention that Maxaflex is not lasting the full 30 days. We have equated this to the 50ml scoop that is currently in the buckets. From December all newly manufactured Maxaflex will be contain a new scoop which will resolve this problem. Until then please only fill your scoops 3/4 full (to give 30g) instead of the full level scoop
Maxavita are committed to developing unique, high quality Green Lipped Mussel products that will enhance the lives of our customers and their pets.
Pernamax joint care products are designed to maintain flexible, pain-free mobility whilst soothing stiff, sore & achy joints frequently suffered by horses of all ages and breeds.
We also have a unique range of Equine Health Care products, the Maxa range, covering Joint Care, Calming, Hoof Care, Respiratory, Digestion and Performance issues.
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Key facts About our glm superna™
Key fact: Potent source of Omega 3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids which provide a variety of health benefits.
High Quality: Eco friendly and sustainable farming + patented Rapid Cold Processing method = world's best GLM extract!
Fast Acting: Acting Up to five times more effective than standard freeze dried extracts.
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